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Maya Lighting Rendering Lights Shadows

Maya Lighting Rendering Lights Shadows

Brought to you by Jeremy Birn, the Pixar Technical Director who recently wrote the new Third Edition of Digital Lighting & Rendering, this full 3+ hour training DVD (originally produced in 2008) and its scene files are now available for free right here:

1. Intro: Previewing Lights, How to Choose Light Colors 12:09

2. Light Intensity and Digital Color 9:12

3. Light Linking, Emit Diffuse, and Emit Specular 7:12

4. Decay and Custom Curves 12:34

5. Spotlight Looks and Throw Patterns 10:02

6. Lighting a Room Set-by-Step Demo 12:08

7. Lighting an Orange Demo 13:12

8. Raytraced Shadows 10:54

9. Mental Ray Features 10:54

10. Depth Map Shadows 11:48

11. Fixing Shadow Artifacts 11:01

12. Looking Deeper into Shadows 11:50

13. Point Lights, Directional Lights, and Perspective 9:38

14. Ambient Lights and Volume Lights 10:34

15. Cheats & Tricks 15:30

16. Lighting the Kitchen Step-by-Step Demo 10:07

17. Lighting the Kitchen Step-by-Step Part 2 11:00

18. Lighting the Kitchen Step-by-Step Part 3 7:47

Maya Project (.rar archive with Maya scenes and textures)

Course Notes (Optional PDF file)

About the scene files: The .rar files need to be un-archived (just like .zip files.) You may need a utility such as Stuffit, WinRAR, or RAR Expander. When the videos tell you to load a scene from the DVD, it should be in these archives. For the sake of keeping files small, the Christmas lighting challenge is not included because you can download that already from the Lighting Challenges page. The Color Temperture Chart was also already on-line. When you need them, the orange scene and finally the kitchen scene are in separate archives because they are large files and slow to download. On the DVD there were 2 copies of some scenes, such as Kitchen-Start.ma (without the lights) and Kitchen-Done.ma (with the lights) and for the sake of downloading efficiency you can hide or delete the lights yourself if you want to start from scratch.

DVD contents Copyright © 2008 by Jeremy Birn.