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Original galleries
from 1994-1996:

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from 1997-1999:

Lighting and Rendering Tutorials:
Multi-Pass Rendering (Overview) - 3D pass types and compositing tips.
Lighting In Layers (Case Study) - Rendering an ant, pass by pass.
Color Temperatures (a Glossary page) - Realistic color chart for 3D lights.
Caustics - A case study in uses for Caustics.
Better Shadow Passes - Rendering efficient multi-color shadow passes in Maya.
Three Point Lighting (Tutorial) - Placing Key, Fill, and Back lights in 3D.
2D tips and techniques:
Luminance Equalization - A Photoshop technique for globally equalizing luminance levels within an image. (also: Fixing Lighting Irregulaties in Self-Tiling Maps.)
Lens Warping - A free Photoshop Action for adding Barrel Distortion and Chromatic Aberrations to your wide-angle renderings.
Producing Polar Panoramas - A Photoshop technique for wrapping your panoramic photographs into new projections.
Modeling Tutorials:
(Warning: These pages were put online at least 5 or 10 years ago, and do not refer to current versions of the software.)
Head Modeling Tutorial NURBS Head Modeling Tutorial - An oldie but still popular for inexplicable reasons, the original tutorial on modeling a single-surface NURBS head.
Secrets of Softimage Secrets of Softimage - No longer available on video, 10 video clips are available for on-line viewing.
NURBS Continuity NURBS Continuity - 5 in-depth tutorials on multi-patch NURBS modeling in Softimage.
Honda Hippo Nose Honda Hippo - 3D graphics created for a TV commercial, with a Behind The Scenes focus on using NURBS surface deformation to add detail to creature modeling.
Focused in Rhinoceros:
Secrets of Rhinoceros Secrets of Rhinoceros - 6 in-depth tutorials plus free Rhinoceros 3D files, formerly sold on CD-ROM, now available as free downloads.
Rhino Hand Tutorial Building a Hand in Rhinoceros - Tutorial on building a hand with trimmed NURBS.

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