Invasion . Grab . Behind-The-Scenes . Face Distort . NEXT

This sequence involved a very complex shader. The multi-lister actually filled the screen of the SGI when I needed to see the whole shader at once.

For picking up skin to distort from the live-action head, I was really disappointed that Convert Solid Texture didn't batch-process animation. If I had to do it over again this year, I might try the newer Convert To Smear Map that has since been added to Alias, or the Rendermap plug-in for Softimage.

The main image source besides the background plate was an animated sequence of the worm, that was rendered like a depthmap (brighter equals higher), and used to displace the surface that was picking up color from the live-action plate.

The shader on the foreground geometry needed to be constant-shaded at the edges (using the exact RGB values of the background), but transitioned into a blinn-shaded area with lighting designed to match the scene in the area of the displacement. A smear map was also animated to tug the skin towards the bulge, which added a lot to the realism. The shader also used the worm animation's mask to fake the attached shadow, and add some blueness to the stretched areas.