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(The little hand-cut notches are the way to save money by allowing "single-sided" disks to work as "double-sided" disks. Do you remember? Or were you one of those kids that was out playing outside?)

I spent a lot of time with my Atari 800. Sometimes I got up early to use my Atari before I went to school. I had a "maxed-out" Atari 800, with the full 48 K of ram installed.

I wrote a program for the Atari called "Quatro," that was published in Antic magazine. Antic was named after one of the chips on the Atari motherboard.  Quatro was an adaptation of the board game "Connect 4," that I wrote to see how well I could get the computer to do at a strategy game. My program actually beat me at the game at least half the time.

Unless you bought the more expensive version of Antic that came with a floppy disk, you had to type in the program yourself to play the game.

Luckily, 13 years after I wrote it (!) it is now available on the internet at (note: in a February 4, 2002 web update, this link did not work. I will leave the link here in case that site comes back on-line. It was a great overview of different work people contributed to Antic magazine, and even had a time-capsule of magazine covers and scans of actual full-page ads for mid-80's products.)

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