3dRender.com Top 10 Tips for Landing a Job In 3D
by Jeremy Birn
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Fully Explain your 3D Skills on your Resume

As companies cut back on things like on-the-job training (which has always been something of a myth anyway), explaining your specific software skills becomes more and more important.  A lot of students seem to type a block of program titles into their resume, including some that they have used little or rarely, and perhaps one or two in which they are experts.  Without professional experience using any of those packages, those little software lists are almost meaningless.  Instead of just listing program titles, you should document what you've actually done with each program.  For example:

For each program, the main things you want to explain are: how much you've used it, what you've done with it, and what you're good at doing with it.  Alternately, you could also flip this format around, and list your skills in boldface, with the software and techniques outlined underneath.  For example:

Either way, you are being clear and specific about exactly what you can do, not just providing a vague list of skills or software titles.  This kind of skills description is vital if you are a student or just got out of school, and you don't have a lot of professional experience to list on your resume yet.  After you have worked on more productions and have more professional experience, you might want to shorten this section of your resume and make more room for descriptions of the specific jobs you've done. Next Page


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