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Softimage's Surface Continuity Manager
5 Tutorials by Jeremy Birn

Download one of these sample-model files first! (Both files contain the same softimage database. .zip is a preferred compression format on Windows NT, and .tar.gz is a preferred compression format on IRIX.)

These tutorials cover a multi-patch approach to NURBS modeling, which allows NURBS to be assembled into a seamless "quilt" of multiple NURBS surfaces, that together define a complex organic form, as shown in the head above.  Not every program supports (or even requires) this kind of work.

Each tutorial builds on the previous tutorial - do them in order for maximum clarity.

SCM Basics - Practice the basic application of the Surface Continuity Manager.
Character Assembly - How to stitch together character's limbs with the SCM.
Facial Features - Seamlessly inserting facial features with SCM.
Four-Sided Surfaces - An approach to capping SCM models.
Resolution Mixing - An approach to combining high-detail and low-detail surfaces in the same model.

With Softimage|3D, you need Softimage's Surface Continuity Manager plug-in, found in the Deformations menu of version 3.82 and higher.

If you have Softimage|XSI, then XSI's Surface Continuity Manager does function similarly to the Softimage|3D functions described here.  It's up to you to decide whether you really want to use these techniques, rather than simply convert your surfaces to polygon meshes, merge them, and apply some subdivision.

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