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The Authors:

Mike Philbrick - Mike Philbrick is an expert Rhino user and has worked professionally modeling NURBS boats and other projects similar to the tutorial sections he developed for Secrets of Rhinoceros. His web site features his Rhino work, renderings, and tutorials.

Daniel Ljunggren - Daniel's site has some of his original Rhino tutorials and showcases his 3D art.

Roland Montijo - Roland's site features original tutorials on Rhino scripting, Architectural work in Rhino, and more.

Jeremy Birn produced and assembled Secrets of Rhinoceros. His web site hosts the Secrets of Rhinoceros homepage, as well as lots of other on-line tutorials and information about different 3D applications.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Bob McNeel for his support of this project, and special thanks to Margaret Becker of the Rhino Development Team, and former Rhino developer Micheal Gibson, for each of their generous assistance in helping to edit portions of the material.  Be sure to visit the Official Rhinoceros Homepage for news, downloads, tutorials, sample art, and more information about the program.
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All contents of Secrets of Rhinoceros copyright © 1999 by Please do not duplicate any portion of our work in any form without direct written permission.

Rhinoceros is a trademark of McNeel & Associates, and this product was not created or endorsed by the creators of Rhinoceros. All other trademarks mentioned within this product are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.