Here's a side-by-side comparison showing the original model, and the model with texture maps. I took a lot of close-up photographs of people's skin, eyes, eyebrows, etc. on the sound stage at Art Center. In Adobe Photoshop, I processed skin images to avoid any attached shading or shadows, which would look "painted on" if they were a part of the maps. I composited the images into a cylindrical projection skin map for the character's face. I also made a specular map to show what parts of his skin were shiny (notice that his nose is shinier than his cheek, for example). The specular map from the front of the face is a haunting image unto itself. (By the way, I have switched how I make most of my texture since then, and now use UV projection for everything, and use a 3D paint program to make reference marks on models, but still complete the maps in photoshop. When I made this guy I didn't have 3D paint yet.)

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