Development of my first detailed humans at Art Center went very slowly. I was working with Lisa Tate, an illustration major, and we passed them back and forth a number of times, tweaking and revising for many weeks, and never quite being happy. We made this guy, and also the woman shown in the "woman waits" image.

Other human modelling tasks that I've done since then have gone much more smoothly and quickly, but the fact remains that rendering realistic humans is one of the toughest areas of computer animation. As on the time I write this in 1996, I have yet to see any 3D animation of a human that could truly pass for a human actor in extended scenes, although for brief shots, I'm sure most of us who watch movies have been fooled by digital stand-ins and stunt doubles a few times.

The guy was modelled, animated, and rendered entirely in Softimage, and sadly, he was made mostly of polygons, which are a pain in the neck. I have sworn off polygons and am a better person for it. I rendered most of the scenes in many layers, so this perspective view shows the guy as he was rendered, before the station environment was composited behind him. >>>

How he was textured