3dRender.com Top 10 Tips for Landing a Job In 3D
by Jeremy Birn
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If you're a student, put your work on the web as soon as you have things you're proud of. Don't wait until you graduate to start a site, putting it up earlier helps to build connections, get feedback, and could lead to a job or internship.

Network and Promote Yourself.

Computer Graphics is actually a very small industry; you keep running into the same people over and over in different contexts, companies, courses, and conventions.  It's actually fairly easy to make a reputation for yourself (good or bad) that will precede you at any company where you are seeking work.

Focus first on your reputation with the people around you, in school or your current job.  The people who have actually worked with you are your most important contacts and references, they can let you know about jobs or help you get into different companies.  Make a website for yourself, first with obvious elements such as work samples, but expand it with information for other 3D artists.  When you are able, make helpful posts on internet discussion groups, do some speaking, writing, teaching, or other constructive things to get your name out into larger channels.

If you are speaking a second language, focus on language skills as a higher priority than 3D.  If you can't communicate well with your boss or director, then all the artistic and technical skills in the world would be worthless, because you still wouldn't be producing the graphics that the director wanted. Next Page


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