3dRender.com Top 10 Tips for Landing a Job In 3D
by Jeremy Birn
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8. Don't bluff or puff on your resume.

If you were a Lab Assistant in your school's computer lab, don't write "Multi-Platform System Administrator" as a job title - just say you were a Lab Assistant.  If you want to explain what you did on the job, add bullet-points underneath.  For example:

If you are a student looking for your first real job, there's no point in adding a "Professional Experience" section to your resume if you have nothing substantial to list there.  Similarly, don't bother inventing a name and logo for a fictional production company; that won't help you find a job.

Companies are looking for big artistic talent, without the typical big artist's ego - being straightforward, honest, and realistic about your work shows that you are the kind of person we'd like to work with. Next Page


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