3dRender.com Top 10 Tips for Landing a Job In 3D
by Jeremy Birn
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Don't over-decorate your demo reel, resume, or website.

When companies ask for a VHS demo reel showing your work, do send a VHS tape, not some other format of media.  Spend your time on the content, not the packaging.  You will not get any extra points for fancy color printing or making a logo for yourself.  Label the tape with your name and contact information, copy some of your best work onto it, and add clear straightforward titles.  Edit straightforwardly, don't cut back and forth between projects or use any fancy transitions.

On the web, too much graphic design or multi-media can distract from your 3D work, and often can't be seen within companies using Netscape on Linux, or operating behind a firewall that prevents users from downloading new plug-ins.  Don't limit the visitor in any way from marking an image as a Favorites or Bookmark, using the navigation buttons at the top of the web browser, or resizing the window to fill a 21" monitor.  Don't expect everyone to be able to view Microsoft Word format files, either; clean, simple HTML is the best way to design a portfolio website.  If you have access to different kinds of computers, test your site in Netscape and other browsers, on Windows, Mac, SGI, and Linux systems. Next Page


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